About Us

Mintons Minerals LLC is a purveyor of the finest minerals and gemstones. As a collector, dealer, and lapidary of high-quality minerals and gemstones, we seek to provide clients with exquisite treasures of the earth.


By working intimately with direct importers, local craftsman, and international artists, we at Mintons Minerals focus on what it means to be a socially responsible and community oriented business.


Established in St Petersburg Florida, Mintons Minerals aims to fulfill the vision of honest, friendly trade and one of a kind creations. We specialize in minerals & specimens, cabochons & facets, and silver & gold-smithing.


Whether you are a miner, collector, or consumer–personal and honest interaction is what we strive for. Let us help you feel comfortable in your decision to garnish your home or yourself with the earths most exquisite treasures.


If you have questions, contact us directly below:

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